Earl M. Starnes Conservation Area

In 2003, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Taylor granted Section 29 in and around Cedar Key to the FNCC.  Section 29 refers to the historic land description of all of the historic area of Cedar Key.

From the Starnes Overlook at Cemetery Point Park

Today it is more than 400 acres of water and oyster bars and a few small islands.  The land and water can be seen on both sides of State Road 24 as one travels toward Cedar Key from the Number Four bridge.  The project is managed pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding between the FNCC and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  The basic purpose of the project is conservation and preservation.


In 2015 the FNCC renamed Section 29 to the “Earl M. Starnes Conservation Area” in honor of Earl Starnes, past President and emeritus member FNCC Board.

Earl has long been a stalwart advocate for conservation and preservation of Florida’s natural environment.

Dave Roquemore (L) presents to Earl on designating Section 29 as the Earl M. Starnes Conservation Area.
Educational signage at the Earl Starnes Overlook at Cemetery Point Park.