Florida’s Nature Coast Conservancy (FNCC) was founded in 1993  as an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit designated land trust.

As a land trust, FNCC’s business is to own land in trust for preservation, conservation and/or public recreation.  The FNCC also encourages and assists local governments and other land trusts in the acquisition and preservation of environmentally endangered lands suitable for recreation, preservation or conservation.

The preservation of land is accomplished by acquiring real property or partial interests therein including conservation easements and other appropriate instruments necessary to protect the physical environment of these lands for wildlife, ecological, recreational, aesthetic, and open space purposes beneficial to the public interest.

It is funded by grants, membership dues, and gifts of land or conservation easements. The FNCC board of directors meets usually on the third Thursday of each month at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission George Kirkpatrick Research Laboratory in Cedar Key.

Our Mission

Florida’s Nature Coast Conservancy, as a land trust is dedicated to acquiring land in trust for preservation, conservation and or public recreation. The FNCC encourages, assists and educates local governments, communities and organizations in the acquisition of these environmentally endangered, historic or archaeologically significant lands.

Our Goals

  • Identify undeveloped lands along the Nature Coast for preservation
  • Acquire and protect those lands by accepting donations, creating conservation easements, and purchasing private properties
  • Ensure sustainable land management protocols are in place for each Conservancy property
  • Grow our activity calendar to increase participation opportunities and membership
  • Engage the Nature Coast communities in conserving this vital region