Green Space

Cedar Key Green Space Project

green space: (noun) an area of land protected from development for the purpose of preserving a community’s natural and historic character

The Cedar Key Green Space Project is one of many projects initiated by Florida’s Nature Coast Conservancy (FNCC), our local 501(c)(3) non-profit designated land trust. FNCC recognizes that green space provides our community with a range of essential and fundamentally irreplaceable services such as protecting water quality, protecting the island’s wildlife, and creating a buffer against over-development. Greenspace also helps the community to reduce flood insurance costs and secure financial investment in improvement projects.

How can you help Florida’s Nature Coast Conservancy protect green space in Cedar Key to benefit the whole community?

  • Donate your vacant land or empty lot for preservation and potential property tax benefits as part of the Cedar Key Green Space Project
  • Join your neighbors in making a monetary donation towards the purchase and protection of green spaces in Cedar Key
  • Explore placing a conservation easement on your vacant land or empty lot while maintaining ownership